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Introducing Socially Distant: an up-coming open-source hacking game following the story of a global ransomware attack disrupting a society forced into cyberspace by the spread of a deadly biological threat to humanity.

About Socially Distant

You play as a hacker. Your life path leads you into taking a gig that goes sour. As the world socially shuts down and moves to cyberspace in response to a global pandemic, you find yourself facing allegations of launching a major ransomware attack. It’s your goal to investigate who wrote the malware, put a stop to it before it further cripples society, and clear your name – all while fighting law enforcement, mis-information, and ever-increasing negative social reputation.

Use an assortment of hacking tools and software to gain access to and explore a fully-fleshed-out world, all based on real life. Explore people’s social media, gain access to their private accounts, exploit vulnerabilities in their devices, and even break into the networks of large corporations, to track down a conspiracy and find the truth behind the ransomware attack. You are in complete control.

Under Active Development

This game is still in an extremely early stage of development. However, if you find the concept interesting, frequent development progress is being made and devlogs are posted to this site at the start of every month.

Additionally, you can join the growing community on either Discord or through the game’s forum. This is a great way to get in touch with developers, and to share ideas for the game.

…Or, you can browse the rest of the site and see what’s here! As development continues, this page will be updated.

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