Answers to commonly-asked questions about Socially Distant, our plans, and future features.

Socially Distant is an up-coming realistic hacking game based around the events of the 2020 global pandemic. Its story discusses the spread of misinformation and fake news over the Internet, as a sophisticated ransomware attacks the healthcare system in the midst of a biological outbreak.

That’s a hard question to answer, but the current plan is for the game to not be free. We will never implement micro-transactions, cryptocurrency, or NFTs into the game. If you buy it, you own it. It’s as simple as that.

At this current point in time, Windows is the only supported platform. This is subject to change, with native Linux support already planned. Proton compatibility has already been tested and will work in the mean time.

No – while we have definitely received a lot of help from the wonderful people at Trixel Creative, this game is a completely separate and independent project.

You….have a computer, right? 🙂

Socially Distant should be no more difficult to run than the average Linux desktop environment.

Many gameplay mechanics in Socially Distant would work perfectly in a multiplayer setting. As such, we have plans to try out online multiplayer later this year. Please note though, that server up-keep costs money, and we’re not making any concrete promises. It’ll be possible, however, to have community-maintained servers.

Play-testing is a private, first-come-first-serve situation right now. If you are on the game’s Discord server, active in the community, and want to help with play-testing the game, then please look out for a future announcement regarding play-test applications.

Yes and no. You shouldn’t be afraid of a Linux terminal, because it’s a massive part of the core gameplay, but you’ll definitely learn it fast by playing the game.

Yes! There are many ways you can help support and contribute to development – and we appreciate all the help we get! For more information, head over to the “Join the Team” page.

Socially Distant will be released when Socially Distant is released. We would rather take the time to develop a great game, instead of giving ourselves a hard deadline and risking having the game fall flat at launch. Monthly devlogs will be released to show the progress of the game’s development.